2022 First Night Celebrations

2022 First Night Celebrations

Looking for something to do to ring in the New Year? New Year’s celebrations are back in full swing this year and it’s looking like there will be gatherings all across Massachusetts.

While it seems like cities and local restaurants and bars will be extending their hours and celebrating in full swing, if you’re looking for something more structured (and more family friendly!), you’ll probably be interested in the First Night celebrations going on.

For those of you unsure what First Night is, it’s a celebration that starts on the afternoon of December 31st and typically spans well into the night. Celebrations usually take place both indoors and outdoors, bringing together the community and showcasing local culture like art, music, comedy, fireworks and sometimes even bigger things like parades and ice sculptures.

This year, there are at least three confirmed First Night celebrations announced so far: one in Chatham, one in Sandwich, and one in Boston.

First Night celebrations are family friendly events and are a great way to bring your family together at the start of the New Year. There are also rumored New Years Eve celebrations for families on Nantucket and in Salem, Northampton, and Beverley as well.

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