Imagine Van Gogh

Imagine Van Gogh

It seems like pop ups have become all the rage in recent years – from Happy Place to the Friends Experience, they’ve become opportunities for photo ops and a way to immerse yourself in a world of fiction with friends and family.

A new, exciting pop up is coming to town through mid-February: Imagine Van Gogh.

This exhibit allows you to step into Van Gogh’s iconic paintings, viewing them projected on the walls, fully engulfing you in the pieces of art. In addition, a carefully crafted selection of music has been curated to go along with the pieces with the hope of turning you into an active viewer who can interpret and enjoy the artwork in your own, unique way.

The exhibit is in Boston from December 21, 2021 until February 22, 2022. For more details and ticketing information, visit the Imagine Van Gogh website.

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