What is the contest line number?     (1-508-746-9991)

What is the mailing/street address?     (17 Columbus Road, Plymouth, MA, 02360)

What is the number on the dial?     (99.1 FM)

Who is the Public Affairs Director?     (Rob Hogan)

Where can I find information about a Public Service Announcement I heard?     (see the “What’s Happening” page of our website)

Where can I find information about an advertisement I heard?     (see the “Advertise” page of our website or call 508-746-1390)

How much does it cost to run an advertisement?     (see the “Advertise” page of our website to register for a Media Kit; or call our Sales Department at 508-746-1390)

Why can’t I hear you?   (You can listen online right now by clicking on the speaker on our “Home”page.  If you do not have regular access to the internet, generally, you should be able to hear us if you are within 50 miles of our towers in Plymouth.  If you are within that range and are still having a problem receiving us, you may have an issue with your antenna.  

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