The Polar Express in Buzzards Bay

The Polar Express in Buzzards Bay

Have you been dreaming about taking a ride on the Polar Express ever since you saw the movie? Well, this holiday season is your chance!

Take your family on a trip to the North Pole to meet Santa and his elves while aboard the iconic Polar Express. The trip is an hour and a half long and is filled with on board entertainment just like the film.

Each child will have a golden ticket, just like in the movie, and the conductor will punch his or her ticket. Passengers will also get to sing along to Christmas carols with the chefs and wait staff on the train and listen to a reading of the Polar Express book.

Once you arrive at the North Pole, Santa and his elves will board the train and you’ll have the opportunity to take photos and receive your first Christmas gift of the season. Plus, you’ll receive a sleigh bell as a keepsake along with your golden ticket.

The train will run from Buzzards Bay from November 24th – December 23rd, and for more information, visit their website. The Polar Express will also run from Woonsocket, RI from November 19th – December 19th.

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