Jordyn’s Buzz – January 12th, 2024

Jordyn’s Buzz – January 12th, 2024

Happy Friday everybody!

News dropped this week that Elvis Presley will be returning to the stage later this year. I know what you’re thinking: How could Elvis possibly return to the stage? And the answer is with AI technology. 

This fall in London, fans will be able to enjoy an immersive concert experience that utilizes holographic projections and AI technology to bring Elvis back to the stage. These projections have been created using thousands of personal photos and home videos and attendees will be able to see a life-sized Elvis perform iconic moments from history.

The goal is to give younger generations the opportunity to pay tribute to Elvis and to experience the world he lived in.

Check out this article for more info!

The long awaited movie musical Mean Girls, based off of the 2004 hit film, hits theaters today! 

So far, Tina Fey and Tim Meadows are the only confirmed cast members from the original film to be in the musical, though Fey has hinted that there are surprises to come once the movie opens in theaters!

We also learned this week that Selena Gomez is set to play Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic. The film is still in pre-production and Gomez is the only confirmed cast member thus far, but we do know that the film is set to chronicle Ronstadt’s lengthy music career and how she was able to become one of the biggest stars in the 70s and 80s as a female.

There is also an Amy Winehouse biopic in the works that is going to be released in May. The trailer was just released, check it out below!

If you’re a fan of Frankenstein, you’ll be excited to know that Guillermo del Toro, the mastermind behind The Shape of Water, is creating his own Frankenstein film with Jacob Elordi starring as Frankenstein.

As for fans of the film Ted, a prequel series hit Peacock yesterday!

U2 fans: want to meet the band? Fandiem is running a sweepstakes that will win you two VIP tickets to see U2 in Las Vegas, meet and greet passes, roundtrip travel to Vegas and a 2-night hotel stay, a guided tour of the Zoo Station U2:UV Experience, and a U2:UV merch bundle. 

Get more details here!

And lastly, if you’re looking to keep busy on this long weekend, I’m going to link a few lists of series to check out!

The first is a list of 7 Hulu Originals – The Dropout, which detailed the career of Elizabeth Holmes and starred Amanda Seyfried, was my favorite off this list!

You can also check out 5 Hulu Shows Based on Books – this is a fantastic list, but Normal People is definitely my favorite from these choices! Little Fires Everywhere was a close second. 

And if you want to learn more about Gypsy Rose Blanchard, check out this list of documentaries, series, and films based off of her story!

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