Jordyn’s Buzz – December 29th, 2023

Jordyn’s Buzz – December 29th, 2023

I’m hoping that this is the last quiet week in Hollywood for a little while, but there are still a few things happening this week!

Exciting news for Cher! She returned to the charts during the holidays with her song DJ Play a Christmas Song! It’s her first charting track in 21 years! The last track of hers to chart was Song for the Lonely in 2002 and it reached No.85.

You can listen to Cher’s song here.

If you’re an NSYNC fan, you’re familiar with how evasive the guys have been when it comes to reunions. They’ve said things like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘no plans as of now’, but Lance Bass spoke recently of tour rumors and said during a Rent Free appearance per Page Six, “Look, we are talking about it — and I hope to have some good news, at some point,” 

Now, this is still not necessarily the news we’ve been waiting for, but it’s definitely better than the updates we’ve gotten in the past! The group hasn’t toured since 2002 when promoting their album Celebrity, so here’s hoping a reunion tour actually does happen soon!

We’re also finally getting some news rolling out on TV series picking back up post-strike.

Young Sheldon (and much, if not all) of the CBS slate has been announced, with the final season of the series set to premiere at 8pm on February 15th and finale on May 16th.

There is also another Big Bang Theory spin off in the works. There is very little info out there on who or what the spin off will be about, but it has been confirmed by executive producer Chuck Lorre that the series is in the works.

Lastly, tune into the final Easy 99.1 Album Stash tomorrow evening at 10pm! We will be featuring Van Halen’s album 1984!

Enjoy your weekends and have a safe and healthy New Year!! I can’t wait to pick up The Buzz again in January!

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