Trevor Noah Live in Boston

Trevor Noah Live in Boston

Over the years, Trevor Noah has become a household name, so it should come as no surprise that he’s delved into a nationwide and soon to be international tour called the Off the Record Tour.

Noah has gained so much popularity over the last handful of years, but if you don’t know him, he’s a South African comedian. He was born in Johannesburg under apartheid legislation and began his career in 2002 in South Africa. 

He has since gone on to make television and radio appearances, host award ceremonies like The Grammys, and maybe most prominently, host the popular series The Daily Show on Comedy Central and author a powerful autobiography entitled Born a Crime.

If you’d like to see Noah on tour, he has twelve Massachusetts tour dates between Boston and Medford.  His first Massachusetts tour date is April 5th and the last is April 16th.

You can see the official Live Nation page describing the tour here, and if you’d like to purchase tickets, check out Trevor Noah’s official site. Don’t wait, tickets are going fast!

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