The Police’s ‘Synchronicity’ is our Featured Album this Week!

The Police’s ‘Synchronicity’ is our Featured Album this Week!

Don’t miss our Album Stash on Saturday evening where we’ll be featuring The Police’s album ‘Synchronicity’.

Synchronicity is the group’s fifth and final album, released in June of 1983, and it was the band’s most successful album.

Of the five awards the album was nominated for at the 1984 Grammys, they won three of the awards. At the time, the Police were argued to be the biggest band in the world.

The album topped charts and sold over 8 million copies in the US and has since been included on various lists such as 100 Best Albums of the Eighties and The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The album has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Here are the tracks you can look forward to hearing:

1. Synchronicity I

2. Walking in Your Footsteps

3. O My God

4. Mother

5. Miss Gradenko

6. Synchronicity II

7. Every Breath You Take

8. King of Pain

9. Wrapped Around Your Finger

10. Tea in the Sahara

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