Newport Summer Cooking Camp for Adults

Newport Summer Cooking Camp for Adults

Something that most of of us wish we could be better at is cooking, but cooking classes these days are usually geared more toward children than they are to adults. 

Lucky for you, Newport Cooks is hosting an adult cooking camp this summer!

From Monday, August 22 – Friday, August 26 from 9am-12pm each day, you can participate in an adult cooking camp! You can pay to be part of the camp for all five days, or just drop in for certain days.

The camp centralizes around creating dishes using fresh, local produce, meats and cheeses, all without a recipe, and while cooking experience is helpful, it’s not necessary to participate!
For more information on the camp and to sign up, visit this page!

Newport Cooks is also hosting various other classes in the upcoming months, including baking classes, pasta sauces, and more! Check out all of their upcoming classes here!

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