Jordyn’s Buzz – June 28th, 2024

Jordyn’s Buzz – June 28th, 2024

We’re closing out June with a bang in Hollywood! So much news dropped this week, so let’s just dive right in!

The Olympics start four weeks from today (!!!) and if gymnastics is your favorite part of the Summer Olympics, don’t miss out on the Olympic Trials this weekend! 

The first part of the men’s trials was last night and they will continue tomorrow at 3pm. Women’s trials start tonight at 8pm and will continue at 8:30pm on Sunday. You can watch the trials on NBC and USA Network or stream on Peacock,,, and the NBC/NBC Sports apps.

There are also Track and Field Trials and Paralympic Trials this weekend too – check out the full schedule for the trials and games here.

If you’re looking for something else to watch this weekend, check out That 90s Show! The second season dropped yesterday on Netflix, and to get you even more excited, check out this quick interview with Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith who star as Kitty and Red on That 90s Show and That 70s Show.

A Family Affair starring Joey King, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron is also available to stream on Netflix today!

As for what you can look forward to in the future, there’s a new Christmas movie in the works that stars both Chris Evans and The Rock. The movie is called Red One and will be released in theaters on November 15th. It centers on the quest to find Santa who’s gone missing. You can read more about it here.

There is also a Shrek 5 movie coming, which Eddie Murphy has confirmed production has begun on. He also said there’s a Donkey movie in the works as well.

As for Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis’ latest project, production has officially  begun on the Freaky Friday sequel and not only will the two females be returning, tons of original cast members are coming back too including Chad Michael Murrary.

Check out this article for more info on the film!

Jared Padalecki was also asked again about a Supernatural reboot and he confirmed once again that both he and Jensen Ackles want to continue playing those characters, but that he doesn’t want it to be another 15 years of Supernatural like the first run. He says he wants the reunion to be something similar to what Gilmore Girls did, where they filmed four shorter episodes. 

The article I read quotes Padalecki as saying, “I’m certain I’ll put the flannel on again and play Sam Winchester.” – So, Supernatural fans, there you have it!

Lastly, there is an It prequel series in the works! It is called Welcome to Derry and will be the origin story of Pennywise. Check out this story for more details!

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