High Limb Cider

High Limb Cider

Hey listeners, Jordyn here – I have a new place for you to try! Over the weekend, my friend and I went to High Limb Cider in Plymouth and I can’t recommend it enough!

If you’ve never been, High Limb is located inside Plymouth GPub. When you walk into GPub, there’s a taproom located in the back right corner and that’s where High Limb is.

I’m not well versed when it comes to ciders, but I loved everything I tried while I was there. My friend and I split a flight and the two ciders that I got were the Pineapple Upside Down Cake and the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry.

Of the two, the pineapple was my favorite, but when I say that they got the chocolate dipped strawberry taste completely spot on, they got it completely. spot. on. You know how when you walk into a chocolate or a candy shop, the chocolate has a very distinct, delicious smell? That’s EXACTLY what the cider tasted like. I took my first sip and I was in complete shock at how closely they matched the tastes.

We also tried small samples of some of their other ciders like Peach Rings, Peach Raspberry, Cape Daze and they were all so good I almost wished I’d gotten my own flight so I could’ve gotten more of a taste than just the sample.

I was stunned (and highly impressed) at how many different types of ciders High Limb had and how good each of them were. The flavors were so unique and there are so many that I still want to try like the Blueberry and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

Beyond the ciders though, I think what stood out to me most was how kind everyone was. I had some questions when I got there and the woman I was talking to was so helpful and generous. I wish I could remember her name! She was kind enough to let me try some of the ciders before I decided what I actually wanted, she asked me if I wanted to taste some drinks she was working on, and she was great at checking in to make sure everything was as we wanted.

With grad season coming up, my friend also wanted to buy a couple bottles before we left and she was so helpful in assisting him on what he should buy. And if I’m not mistaken, the owner came out to help us as well and gave us some of the company’s backstory and also helped in recommending what we should buy and gave us some samples to try at home. 

I was astounded by their kindness and generosity, and even though I hadn’t heard of the company before Saturday, I’ve been telling friends about it left and right and already have plans to go back.

It’s also nice because it’s attached to GPub, so you can order food from GPub while you’re at High Limb, and GPub also has an arcade and games if you want to stay awhile. I didn’t spend too much time in GPub, but looking at their website now, I see they also have tons of events and live music throughout the week as well, so definitely check it out!

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