Jordyn’s Buzz – July 21st, 2023

Jordyn’s Buzz – July 21st, 2023

With the strikes going on in Hollywood and arguably the most marketed films of the year coming out today, it was a bit tough to find anything else that was Buzz worthy today!

Not only have Barbie and Oppenheimer been highly advertised, as of yesterday, over 200,000 tickets have been sold for the opening day double feature! I can’t wait to see how the films shake out in the box office.

I won’t be seeing either film today, but I’ll definitely be seeing both movies and sharing my reviews with you all! If any of you see the films, let us know how you liked it, I’m curious to hear your thoughts!!

Also in film this week, Disney released the new Haunted Mansion trailer! The film has a star-studded cast and is scheduled to hit theaters July 28th. Check out the trailer below.

As for music, Jennifer Lopez teased a new song this week about her marriage to Ben Affleck last year. She leaked the lyrics in her newsletter “On The JLo” which you can subscribe to here.

Taylor Swift, who’s been in endless headlines these last few months, broke a new record this week. 

After her release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) earlier this month, she is the first woman to have 4 simultaneous top 10 records on the Billboard Album Chart.

#1 – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

#5 – Midnights

#7 – Lover

#10 – Folklore

She is the first woman to achieve this accomplishment and only the third artist in history to do it. I also looked further down on the chart, and of the top 25 albums, she holds eight of those titles with Red (Taylor’s Version) at #18, 1989 at #19, Reputation at #21, and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) at #23.

Lastly, Air Supply just announced they will be playing at Plymouth Memorial Hall on November 9th and tickets go on sale today at 10am! They also have a VIP package that includes a meet and greet, sound check experience, and Q&A session with Air Supply. You can purchase tickets here.

And if you’re looking to go to some other local concerts but are fed up with the ever-increasing prices on concert tickets, check out the Live Nation deal that’s going on right now. 

Through August 1st, Live Nation is offering bundles of four tickets for only $80 before taxes/fees for select shows. Follow this link to view the participating shows – there’s some great ones on there including Boy George and Foreigner!

Rob and I won’t be on air next week, but you can still come back here to check out the usual Buzz Recap on Friday morning – we’ll be back on air on Friday, August 4th!

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