1620 Wine Bar Wine Tasting Event

1620 Wine Bar Wine Tasting Event

Get your group together for a relaxing night of wine tasting at the 1620 Wine Bar on the Plymouth Waterfront on April 20th. 

With your ticket, you’ll be able to enjoy a six course meal in addition to a wine tasting of locally crafted wines.

Below, you can see what is included with each course.

1st Course: First Light Riesling with Cajun Shrimp with Remoulade Sauce

2nd Course: Crypt’s Harvest Oaked Chardonnay with Tuna Poke

3rd Course: Marquette with a Braised Chicken Taco

4th Course: Sinister Sally Pinot Noir with a Sweet Glazed Pork Belly

5th Course: Enchantress Cabernet with Sliced Steak & Chimichurri sauce

6th Course: White Port with Chocolate Covered Strawberry Platters

*Guest will receive a welcome pour of our Plantation White Sauvignon Blanc while they enjoy assorted cheeses

If you’re interested, you can get more info and purchase tickets here!

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