Jordyn’s Buzz – November 4th, 2022

Good morning, listeners! It’s been a wild week in Hollywood – from Halloween parties and costumes, to upcoming film and television releases, to the world starting to get in the Holiday Spirit, there are countless things we can talk about this week.

We’ll start off with the recent release of Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights, which was released back on October 21st. If you’ve had a chance to look at the Billboard charts this week, you will have seen that Taylor Swift is absolutely dominating. 

Of the top ten spots on the chart this week, she held all ten of them, plus ten other spots in the top 45, which is absolutely crazy! She even surpassed Madonna for the most top 10 hits among women on the Billboard Chart.

The album itself also debuted as No.1 on the Billboard’s Album Chart, making it her 11th album to do so, tying her with Springsteen, Streisand, and Drake. Only Jay-Z and the Beatles have had more albums than that, with Jay-Z at 14 and the Beatles at 19.

Moving on, one of Swift’s close friends and one of my favorite celebrities and artists, Selena Gomez, has a documentary premiering on Apple TV+ today.

Gomez used this documentary as a place to be open with fans and followers – it’s called Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me – and it watches her as she journeys through the pressures accompanied with fame, struggles with lupus, as well as depression and anxiety. 

The documentary premiered at AFI Festival on Wednesday and I’m so excited to see how it will do once it’s released to the public. She’s also hinted that new music and potentially a new tour are in the works as well!

It seems like reunions and reboots of shows and movies are all the rage right now, and this week was no different. 

Firstly, there is supposedly a movie coming that works off of the mini-series The Dropout starring Amanda Seyfried. 

The movie is based off the book Bad Blood by John Carreyrou and will follow the life and story of Elizabeth Holmes. Jennifer Lawrence was set to star in the film as Holmes, but given how well Seyfried’s series went, Lawrence has decided to step down from the role believing that that story doesn’t need to be redone. 

Personally, I find the story of Elizabeth Holmes fascinating – I read Bad Blood long before The Dropout premiered and was deeply engrossed in the book and then in the mini-series that followed, but I do see Lawrence’s point in that it may not need to be redone, so I’m curious to see if production will continue or if it will be halted.

If we have any Pitch Perfect fans out there, you’re in luck: a new series is coming to Peacock called Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. It’s premiering on November 23rd and will follow Bumper’s life in Berlin after he experiences a dose of fame.

Although Halloween is over, we did just get some exciting news in the Halloween and horror universe as well: there is a Friday the 13th prequel series coming called Crystal Lake. 

Details on the series have been kept tight, but Bryan Fuller will be writing the series and acting as its showrunner and executive producer, and all that’s been said so far is that the series is looking to be an ‘extended prequel’

But, moving on, it may be time to get ourselves in the Holiday Spirit already.

Baby Yoda debuted as a balloon at the Macy’s Day Parade last year, and this year, there’s Funko & Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade-themed Pops and apparel coming out. So far, I’ve seen funko pop figures, hoodies, and t-shirts, and I must say, the Pops are cute!

If you’d like to see them, follow this link. I’m sure they will be big holiday gifts this year, so don’t wait if you want to purchase one!

Lastly, if you haven’t heard, there is a sequel coming to the iconic movie A Christmas Story.

It’s set to drop on HBO Max on November 17.

The film will bring us back to the 1970s and the house on Cleveland Street with Ralphie back on the big screen trying to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the ones from his childhood. Meanwhile, he’s going to be reconnecting with old pals and reconciling with the passing of his father. 

Usually I’m skeptical of reboots / remakes / sequels, but this one looks like it’ll be really good. In fact, I got a little bit nostalgic and teary watching the trailer! If you want to see it, check it out below.

See you back here next week for another edition of The Buzz!

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