WaterFire 2022

WaterFire 2022

As New Englanders, something that stands out to us is the annual WaterFire tradition in Providence, Rhode Island. 

This year’s WaterFire schedule is yet to be released, but programmers have been building up the release of the schedule and are planning to announce it next Wednesday, April 27th.

That night, at Waterplace Park, they will be hosting the Strike the Match fundraiser and Basin Lighting as an official kick off to the WaterFire season. 

The event will include a press conference featuring community stakeholders, the WaterFire creator, the executive artistic director, and coCEO Barnaby Evans. This is also where they will announce the full WaterFire schedule for 2022.

The schedule is looking like it will be similar to the past, featuring a full summer and fall lighting season, meaning that there will be at least 10 full lightings in addition to smaller lightings on top of the full ones.

For more information on the event on the 27th, you can visit this site

If you can’t make this event, you’ll definitely want to add WaterFire to your summer bucket list this year! The event is located in the heart of Providence, close to numerous restaurants, vendors, and attractions in the city to make the night unforgettable for you and your family.

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