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Winter has officially arrived, and like some of you, we’re not quite sure how to adjust to the bitter cold temperatures, but here are some tips we’ve found.

Keeping Yourself Warm

We all know how much it stinks to be cold, but cold weather like we’re experiencing now can also have negative health implications as well.

  1. Keep Yourself Warm
    1. Wear Layers. It’s always easier to have too many layers than not enough. Remember, you can always take a layer off, but you can’t always add a layer when you’re out and about and away from home. Layers will help to consolidate your body heat, keeping you warmer. Make sure you’re keeping your feet warm as well with socks or slippers.
    2. Consider What You’re Putting into Your Body. Although it’s the weekend, try to stay away from alcohol in temperatures like this because it can contribute to your body losing heat. Instead, drink hot beverages and make sure you’re eating healthy.
    3. Stay Active. Moving around will help to keep you warm.
    4. Pay Attention to Your Bedding. Try using thermal sheets or heated or weighted blankets when you’re in bed.
  2. Keep Your House Warm
    1. Keep the Heat Up. We know energy bills can get high in the winter, but it’s crucial this weekend to make sure you’re home is warm. If you don’t want to keep the heat up that high, consider heating one room, rather than using central heating.
      1. Heat Alternatives:
        1. Keep the Curtains Open and Let the Sun In. Sun shining through your windows helps more than you think it will, and the thicker the curtains, the less likely the cold can come inside.
        2. Rugs as Insulation. Even if your home doesn’t have carpeting, utilizing rugs can help keep your home warmer.

Keeping Your Pets Warm

Sometimes we forget that our pets may be just as susceptible to the cold as we are and we have to remember to take care of them too.

  1. Be Conscious. Be conscious of how long your pet is outside for and know your pet’s temperature limits.
  2. Check the Paws. Although dogs have strong protection on their paws, cold weather can still cause damage. Make sure you’re checking for damage like cracked or bleeding paws.
  3. Put Clothes on Your Pet. Although it may feel like playing dress up, give your dog a sweater or a jacket to wear to keep those warm temperatures inside and consider giving them booties. You may want to have more than one outfit ready because if the material gets wet, it could actually make your pet colder.
  4. Wipe Down your Pet. Make sure you’re getting those snowballs out of your pet’s fur and also getting chemicals from products like antifreeze out of their hair.
  5. Keep the Collar On. If it’s snowy, it’s easier to lose track of your pet, and if this happens, make sure they have their collar on with your contact information.
  6. Feed Your Pet Well. Make sure your pet isn’t losing weight or missing meals – they need all the body fat they can get and make sure they’re staying hydrated.
  7. Limit Outdoor Time. Cars can be chilly, even for pets, and you don’t want your pet staying outside or alone in a car for too long in these cold temperatures.
  8. Recognize When Something is Wrong. If you think something is wrong, don’t wait, call your veterinarian.

Good luck braving the cold!

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