Jordyn’s Buzz – May 12th, 2023

As known Beatles fans, I think you’ll like this fun fact! This week, The Beatles achieved another milestone in their long career: they’ve joined the billions club on Spotify, meaning that one of their songs has been streamed over one billion times!

Here Comes the Sun has surpassed a billion streams on the streaming platform, which may not seem like a lot to you for such an iconic, well-known group, but this is an achievement only 406 tracks have reached on Spotify. Plus, their music wasn’t uploaded to Spotify until 2015, so in less than a decade, they’ve reached this milestone! 

If you want to see that number rise even more, check out the song on Spotify, or, hear it here on Easy 99.1!

Belinda Carlile was also in the headlines this week as she is releasing her first English pop collection in over 25 years today! Her new EP, comprised of five songs, is called Kismet and is available everywhere today! She is also working on an upcoming album.

And don’t forget, the entire month of May, we’re celebrating Music Circus Mondays with the South Shore Music Circus! This Monday, Belinda Carlisle is our featured artist and you’ll have TWO chances to win a pair of tickets to see her! Click here for more details.

Turning to film, Jamie Lee Curtis met with Lindsay Lohan in honor of the 20 year anniversary of Freaky Friday. During their meeting, they talked of the upcoming Freaky Friday sequel which both of the women will be part of.

Lastly, the long-awaited film Still: a Michael J. Fox Movie was released today on Apple TV+, depicting the life and journey of Micheal J. Fox as he’s navigated a career in Hollywood and his diagnosis with Parkison’s. If you’re looking to see it in theaters, your options are limited, but there are showings in Cambridge and on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend!

See you back here next week for The Buzz – enjoy your sunny weekend and happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

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