Jordyn’s Buzz – April 14th, 2023

Stranger Things was once again dominating the headlines this week, starting with Millie Bobby Brown’s engagement! The nineteen year old actress announced she’s engaged to Jake Bongiovi after about three years of dating. Check out her post here.

In other Stranger Things news, the Duffer Brothers announced that there is a Stranger Things animated series in the works. Although the plot is still under wraps, they say that the series will be in the same vein as Saturday Morning Cartoons. 

It’s unknown whether any of the cast from the existing series will be voicing any characters on this new show, but I wouldn’t rule anything out! The series has so much room to grow, so I’m curious to see what direction they will take it. 

In addition, they also are working on the live stage show that’s headed to the West End in London later this year and there is a live action spinoff series in the works as well.

There’s not as much going on in the film world as there has been in previous weeks, but the highly anticipated Super Mario Brothers movie that we talked about last week did extremely well in the box office last weekend, breaking numerous records.

The film was the biggest global debut in history for an animated film with a stunning worldwide box office debut of $375.6 million. There are already talks of a sequel.

Speaking of long awaited releases, the Indiana Jones film is coming out at the end of June and with it will come a new set of Indiana Jonas action figures.

The figures won’t be available until the fall, but a pre-order for the new figures which were unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration in London began yesterday on Hasbro Pulse. To see the figures and learn more, check out this page.

And check out the trailer for the upcoming Harrison film below.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a film this weekend, check out Renfield, a story of Dracula and his henchman Renfield, which hit theaters today! 

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