Jordyn’s Buzz – March 24th, 2023

It’s been a pretty busy week in Hollywood since we last spoke, so let’s pick up right where we left off!

Dolly Parton announced this past Wednesday that she has another book on the way! Dolly has had extensive involvement with literature over the years, exemplified most prominently with her program called Imagination Library, a program rooted in giving free books to children which she developed in 1995.

She has also authored or co-authored numerous books as well; according to Goodreads, she’s published ten books thus far and this new one will make eleven.

The book is scheduled to be published in the fall and is titled Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones. Whether you know a lot about Dolly Parton or not, something I’m sure all of you know is that she has quite a unique fashion sense.

This new book is going to provide readers and fans with the story behind her enduring passion for fashion and dive into how she created and cultivated her own unique Dolly style. The book will also incorporate various photographs through the years from the 1960s to now.

Should you want to pre-order a copy, use this link! Books will begin shipping the week of October 17th.

Moving on, we’ve talked a lot about Daisy Jones and the Six over these last few weeks – it’s been dominating the headlines! Because of its rumored roots in the drama of Fleetwood Mac, I think it’s worth continuing to talk about with all of you, not to mention that it’s an objectively well crafted series.

This week, one of the actors from the show was interviewed and he answered the question that’s been on all viewers’ minds: Will Daisy Jones and the Six go on a real life tour?

Afterall, the Amazon Prime series incorporates original music from the band, they’ve released an album called Aurora, and all of the actors are actually singing and playing their own instruments, so what’s to keep them from actually touring?

Sebastian Chacon, who plays Warren in the series, spoke up and said that they’ve actually discussed it. He didn’t give any indication as to whether their discussion was leaning toward or against touring, but it seems promising that he’d so openly talk about it.

Also, because Mick Fleetwood has addressed that a Fleetwood Mac reunion tour is “unthinkable”, this could be a great alternative for all of you music lovers out there craving a sound similar to Fleetwood Mac’s.

Check out this article for more info on the series and the potential tour – and don’t miss the final two episodes of the series which dropped on Prime today!

Moving on, exciting news for Broadway fans! Smash, the NBC hit series, is finally heading to Broadway with Spielberg part of the creative team! Check out this article for more info!

We also found out this week that Broadway star Julianne Hough is taking a new step in career and heading back to Dancing with the Stars! She’ll be joining her brother Derek Hough on the show and will be stepping in as co-host alongside Alfonso Ribeiro. The series is expected to start again in September and will be available for streaming on Disney+.

Looking for something to hold you over until September? Check out the new season of Yellow Jackets today on Showtime! Season two of the hit psychological thriller dropped on Showtime today and will be airing on tv starting on Sunday, March 26th. 

The series premiered in 2021 and stars Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, and many others. It follows a group of teens who survive a plane crash deep in the wilderness and explores their narrative as they tell the tale 25 years later of what really happened.

Lastly, news was confirmed this week that a KISS biopic is in the works. It isn’t due to be released until at least 2024 – it’s still in early development and casting is yet to be solidified – but it is going to examine the first four years of the band. 

Excited about this news? Catch KISS on their farewell tour later this year! They aren’t playing in Boston, but they will be playing two shows in New York City at Madison Square Garden at the beginning of December. Check out the rest of their tour dates here.

In the meantime, since we still have a ways to go before the release of the biopic, you can catch Top Gun: Maverick streaming on Prime today and John Wick: Chapter 4 in theaters today!

See you back here next week!

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