Jordyn’s Buzz – February 3rd, 2023

We’ve got tons going on in Hollywood right now, starting with a casting announcement for the upcoming Michael Jakcson biopic. Jaafar Jackson, the King of Pop’s nephew, will be playing the iconic role of Michael Jackson. 

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Michael Jackson lately – from the growing success of the MJ Broadway musical to excitement flying around about this new biopic, it’s very encouraging for fans of the performer.

The film is supposed to span from his childhood stardom and involvement in Jackson 5 and look at how much of an impact his musical career had from the time he was a child until he was an adult. The film is also expected to address the controversies of his life as well as his tragic death.

Speaking of musical artists, Bryan Adams and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts are going on tour and will be at the TD Garden in Boston on June 10th. Tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster today at 12pm. 

Beyonce is also going on tour (her first tour in years!!) and she’ll be at Gillette Stadium on August 1st. Regular tickets go on sale on February 7th at 10am, but if you want to try and ensure you can get tickets before that, you should sign up for the Verified Fan Presale here.

Beyonce is  nominated for nine Grammys this year, and if you want to keep up with all of the Grammy news, the award show will be airing on Sunday at 7pm. If Beyonce wins four or more awards, she will surpass the leader winner for most Grammys of All Time won (the title is held by Goerg Solti).

The new film 80 for Brady is out today in theaters, just in time for Brady to announce his retirement again. Do you think it’ll stick this time?

Lastly, Ozzy Osbourne also announced his retirement from touring, canceling the remaining shows on his tour, and Dr. Phil’s daytime talk show is also coming to a close after 21 seasons.

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