Jordyn’s Buzz – December 16th, 2022

It was a sad week in Hollywood after finding out that Stephen “tWitch” Boss had passed away on Wednesday. The So You Think You Can Dance alum was a dad, a dancer, and maybe most well known for being the DJ on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and he will be deeply missed.

Some other disheartening news that broke this week was that Henry Cavill will not be reprising his role as Superman. Just over a month ago, Cavill shared that he would be stepping into the role once again, but unfortunately, the network has decided to take a new direction. 

The possibility of Cavill coming back in the future isn’t off the table, but as for right now, he’s putting the cape away.

In more positive news, the Harry and Meghan docuseries is dominating the charts on Netflix; following its release, it has come up as the biggest documentary debut ever. Although it’s clearly been well received, it has fueled endless drama amongst the Royal Family which is surely only going to increase.

Speaking of Netflix releases, if you’re an Emily in Paris fan and a Sex and the City fan, you’ll be excited to hear this news. 

Kim Catrall, who played the iconic Samantha Jones on Sex and the City, made an appearance on the red carpet at the world premiere of Emily in Paris.

If you don’t know, Emily in Paris is a Netflix sitcom starring Lily Collins, an American living in Paris and navigating a new job and a rocky love life. The series is created by Darren Star, whoalso created Sex and the City.

Rumor has it, Emily in Paris takes place in the same fictional universe as Sex and the City, so now that Kim Catrall made that red carpet appearance, word on the street is that she may be reprising her role of Samantha and making a cameo in the new season of Emily in Paris.

I would be a little surprised if Kim did make an appearance given her decision not to appear on the Sex and the City reboot that premiered last year, but I would definitely love to see her back on screen as Samantha especially in the context of Emily in Paris.

The new season of Emily in Paris will drop on Netflix this coming Wednesday, December 21st, and I plan on binging the series on Wednesday, so I’ll be back here next week to give you an update.

If you haven’t seen Emily in Paris yet, here’s the first teaser that was released back in 2020 before the show dropped on Netflix.

To get you listeners into the holiday spirit a little bit more, word on the street is that Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement and that there is a sequel to The Holiday in our future.

I say word on the street because there’s still a lot of conflicting statements about this, from people debunking the theory to an article published just two days saying the movie is a go, so everything is still rumored, but hopefully this will come to fruition, it would be great to see a sequel to such a loved movie nearly 2 decades after its release.

Lastly, I know you listeners love both Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks, so if you’re interested in seeing both of them at Gillette Stadium next September, be sure to buy your tickets TODAY starting at 10am on Ticketmaster. 

You can find tickets for the September 23rd show at Gillette Stadium at this link. Concert sales have been a little bit chaotic on Ticketmaster as of late, so I wouldn’t wait to buy your tickets if you’re interested!

See you back here for another edition of The Buzz!

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