Jordyn’s Buzz – November 18th, 2022

Welcome back to The Buzz!

This week, we saw the long awaited Grammy nominations for the award show that will take place in early February.

There are tons of great nominees (including, as you all know, my favorite, Harry Styles, with SIX nominations!), but someone else stood out amongst the nominees even more than Harry, and that is Beyonce.

Beyonce was nominated for nine awards, making her one of the artists with the greatest number of nominations to date. In her career thus far, she has been nominated for 88 awards, trying with, coincidentally, Jay-Z. Of those nominations, she has won 28 of them, and it’s looking like she will only be increasing that number at this coming year’s ceremony.

Speaking of artists that we love here at Easy 99.1, Elton John is playing his final US show at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles this coming Sunday, and if you’d like to be part of it all the way over here on the east coast, Disney+ will have a three-hour stream going on Sunday night at 8pm PST. 

Not only is this a special show because it’s supposed to be his last US show, but there are 50,000 expected attendees and footage from this show will be incorporated into an upcoming Elton John documentary put out by Disney.

Also on Sunday, iHeartMedia will be releasing an hour-long special about Elton John called “iHeartRadio Presents Elton John’s Thank You to America: The Final Song” at 10 p.m. PT.  This release will feature a highlight reel of his career and also include a live stream of his final song and closing remarks at the show that Disney+ is streaming.

And lastly, the iconic home from A Christmas Story is up for sale in Cleveland, Ohio and it could be yours!

The property is listed without a price, and realtors have asked interested buyers to email [email protected] and they ask that those interested name their price, their background, and not only explain why they want the house, but why they want to own a piece of film history. 

The house is fully preserved and still has memorabilia from the original movie, plus a generous sized property. For more information, check out this article.

And something that movie fans may love even more (and your wallets will definitely love more) is that the sequel to A Christmas Story is now available on HBO Max. So, bring the family together this weekend and check out the new film and let us know what you think!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, thanks for being such kind and loyal listeners!

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