Home Workout During Quarantine

State Ordinance has mandated that fitness centers close….which has left many of us feeling like lumps on logs. ¬†With the weather still being typical New England (cold & rainy), it’s hard to even add a jog or walk without feeling like you’re not putting your immune system in greater danger. Plymouth Fitness is committed to continuing to keep its members and the South Shore Community healthy. While state ordinance has temporarily closed the doors to Plymouth Fitness, it certainly has not shut down their commitment to health.
A healthy immune system is your best course of action. And you can get that through regular exercise, good nutrition and regular sleep. Click HERE to see some of the great home exercise videos they’ve put together. From creating home weights to 15 minutes of pilates, find some tips and exercises that can help you get some of that cabin fever energy out while maintaining an active lifestyle during these unprecedented times.

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