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The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is this Week’s Featured Album

The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is this Week’s Featured Album

If you’re a Beatles fan, make sure you listen with us on Saturday at 10pm during our Album Stash, brought to you by FM Generator!

We’ll be playing The Beatles twelfth and final studio album “Let It Be” from front to back and you’ll be able to learn fun facts about the album as you listen.

“Let It Be” can be considered a controversial album, as the critical response to the album tended to be unfavorable and it was released just after the group’s break up. Even so, it’s still an album that is well recognized by most people today.

Although it’s been said that reviews for the album weren’t good, it still topped charts in both the US and the UK and had singles reach number one in the US as well.

Here are the tracks you can look forward to hearing:

1. Two of Us

2. Dig a Pony

3. Across the Universe

4. I Me Mine

5. Dig It

6. Let It Be

7. Maggie Mae

8. I’ve Got a Feeling

9. One After 909

10. The Long and Winding Road

11. For You Blue

12. Get Back

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