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This Week’s Featured Album: Madonna’s “Madonna”

This Week’s Featured Album: Madonna’s “Madonna”

This week, Zach will be teaming up with FM Generator to bring you Madonna’s debut studio album Madonna on our Album Stash on Saturday evening!

Starting at 10pm, you can hear Madonna’s 1983 album from front to back. It’s an upbeat album with a synthetic disco sound and songs about love and relationships.

Five singles came from this album in addition to numerous music videos. The album climbed all the way to number 8 on the charts and since its release, it has been certified five-times platinum. 

Not only did it do extremely well on the Billboard chart where it reached number 8, it also broke the top ten in many countries and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. 

This album paved the way for many female artists of the 80s and has received praise upon praise.

Here are the tracks you can looks forward to hearing:

1. Lucky Star

2. Borderline

3. Burning Up

4. I Know It

5. Holiday

6. Think of Me

7. Physical Attraction

8. Everybody

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