February, Heart Health Month

February, Heart Health Month

America designates the month of February to raise awareness about heart health. Conditions of the heart (and we don’t me love) are sometimes genetic. There are, however, many lifestyle factors that can increase your risk for heart conditions and heart attack.
The American Heart Association uses the acronym- GO RED; each letter standing for a tip or reminder of heart health.

G-stands for Getting your numbers. This is a reminder to ask your doctor for cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. Know your risk.

O-is for Own Your Lifestyle. Lifestyle choices that detrimentally impact heart health include being overweight, smoking or living an overly sedentary life. Owning your lifestyle is a reminder to make wiser choices when it comes to negatively impacting the old ticker.

R-Realizing your risk- Again, realizing your risk is understanding that one in three women is impacted by heart disease. Risk factors may include family history or lifestyle choices. Either way, realize your own risk factor.

E-Educate Your Family- Make healthy choices for you and your kids. Keep them active. Active kids will yield active adults. Make moving and exercise positive and a part of everyday life. Building that healthy habit as a kid is super important.

D– Don’t be Silent. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the US.  Tell every woman you know!

For more information about heart health, visit the American Heart Association on-line.

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