Six Cool Facts About The Marshfield Fair You Didn’t Know

Six Cool Facts About The Marshfield Fair You Didn’t Know

  1. The Marshfield Fair sort of just happened- In 1862, Nineteen members of the South Marshfield Farmer’s Market convened and began  meeting weekly to discuss agriculture and horticulture. The group grew and in 1865, a public meeting was held on the town common. Two hundred people showed up to the meeting with products from their farms.  The gathering was such a success that in 1866 nine thousand people showed up to the public meeting  from Marshfield and surrounding areas. As a result of these successes, the name of the organization was thus changed to the Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society and continued to hold public meetings in the exact spot where the Marshfield Fair is held today.

  2. There’s an on-going Farmer’s Market- In 2006, The Marshfield Agricultural & Horticultural Society brought the Farmer’s Market to the grounds weekly throughout the summer.  Every Friday 1p-5p, over 40 vendors are on-site with their goods for sale between Memorial Day and first week of October.  The Market continues throughout the winter, and is reduced to monthly.

  3. It’s a 10 Day event– This year’s dates, kick off is August 16th and it runs over the course of two weekends attracting upwards of 200,000 people.

  4. Hurrican Irene Closed the Fair in 2011– The fair takes place at the end of every august and has for 152 years. The ten day schedule was cut short in 2011 with the threat of Hurrican Irene.

  5. They  teach you how to milk a cow– The 4H club hosts a series of educational opportunities just for kids; fom teaching them to groom the animals, a goat play pen where kids can watch and interact with goats, to watching and learning how cows are milked.

  6. You could see someone famous– In the 1920’s, the Marshfield Fair was a stop for sitting presidents, including Harding & Coolidge. Until 1954, the state Governor was also traditionally seen at the fair.  While I don’t think we’ll see President Trump or Governor Baker milking Babs the cow this year, we do know that funny man and The Office’s most lovable, common sense lacking boss, Steve Carrell is known to enjoy summers in Marshfield. Maybe looking over his Marshfield Hills General Store, it’s not totally implausible or impossible to bump into him.

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