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Tuesday 6/30

Q: When on vacation, this was the biggest complaint from travelers staying in a hotel, what is it?

A: Noisy Neighbors

Monday 6/29

Q: 82% of these will finish on time today, what are they?

A: Airline Flights

Wednesday 6/24

55% of people say they will miss this when they go on vacation, what is it?

A: Co Workers

Tuesday 6/23

Q: 65% of women don't trust their husbands to do this task, what is it?

A: Work on the Car

Friday 6/19

Q: If you're an average American you'll have just over 70,000 of these in your lifetime...what are they?

A: Cups of Coffee

Thursday 6/18

Q: 55% of moms say this is the most effective way to discipline their kids...what is it?

A: Take away their video games

Wednesday 6/17

Q: Most Americans do this from time to time–and when they do, it last's an average of four days. What is it?

A: Go on a diet

Tuesday 6/16

Q: 20% of the songs on Spotify have this in common...what is it?

A: They've Never Been Played

Monday 6/15

Q: In the last 15 years, the number of kids in America who do this has dropped by almost 40%...what is it?

A: Play Baseball

Friday 6/12

Q: You’ll find 18% more bacteria on this than on your toilet seat… What is it?

A: Your cell phone!

Thursday 6/11

Q: A new survey found that 1 in 5 of us have not done this is at least 10 years…what is it?

A: Change a password

Wednesday 6/10

Q: 62% of women questioned claimed they would never date a man that has a… what?

A: A ponytail

Tuesday 6/9

Q: Just over 25% of men do this at least once a week. What is it?

A: Wash their car

Monday 6/8

Q: 70% of people wish they knew more about this so they could really enjoy it. what is it?

A: Wine

Friday 6/5

Q: Boston has more of these per person than any other city in the United States.

A: Doughnut shops

Thursday 6/4

Q: 1 in 20 men have tried to cook this on the grill...what is it?

A: French Fries

Wednesday 6/3

Q: The average age for a person to buy their first one is 41...what is it?

A: Motorcycle

Tuesday 6/2

Q: 5% of us say we wish we had one of these in our car…what is it?

A: A microwave

Monday 6/1

Q: What's the best smell in the world? 11% of people said this, what is it?

A: The Ocean