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Friday 5/22

Q: 60% of Americans will do this when they eat today… What is it?


A: Use a paper plate

Thursday 5/21

Q: Almost 90% of women who do it, keep it a secret, even from their best friend, what is it?

A: Have Hair Extensions

Wednesday 5/20

Q: This is the number one thing in our homes people say we have too many of...What is it?
A: Hangers

Tuesday 5/19

Q: Men are about 4 times more likely than women to lose THIS. What is it?

A: Their hearing!

Monday 5/18

Q: While the technology is getting outdated, 65% of American households still have one of these… What is it?

A: An answering machine

Friday 5/15

Q: Almost 60% of people say you should never do this before 8am...what is it?

A: Call Someone

Thursday 5/14

Q: About 20% of us are thinking about doing this right now…what is it?

A: Quitting our job

Wednesday 5/13

Q: 5% of American workers over the age of 35 have to do this at work while 11% of American workers under 35 have to do it, what is it? 

A: Dress up

Tuesday 5/12

Q: About 85% of people who have one of these in their house say it just collects dust...what is it?

A: Piano

Monday 5/11

Q: More than half of women say it bothers them all day, if they do this in the morning, what is it?

A: Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Friday 5/8

Q: A new survey asked mothers what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day. The #2 answer was “spa day.” What came in at #1?
A: Gift card

Thursday 5/7

Q: Over 50 Percent of women don’t allow their man to do this around the house. What is it? 

A: Laundry 

Wednesday 5/6

Q: The average one today is 60% shorter than it was 10 years ago...what is it?

A: Phone Call

Tuesday 5/5

Q: Today is the biggest day for sales of these and Americans will eat an  87.3 million pounds of them today alone, what are they?

A: Avocados

Monday 5/4

Q: What talent do you wish you had? 15% of people said this what is it?

A: Dancing

Friday 5/1

Q: 16 percent of Americans claim to read this everyday… What is it?

A: The bible!

Thursday 4/30

Q: It’s estimated that 6% of all American motorists leave this in their car at all times… What is it?

A: Their keys

Wednesday 4/29

Q: One in 25 people are carrying one of these right now…what is it?

A: $100 bill

Tuesday 4/28

Q: Only 15% of the people who tried to do it in the last year were able to stick with it, what is it?

A:Becoming a vegetarian

Monday 4/27

Q: We do this almost 10% more than we did in the 80's what is it?

A: Sit

Friday 4/24

Q: 1 in 7 single women have said yes to a date in the last year for this reason...what is it?

A: Free Meal

Thursday 4/23

Q: A little over 40% of people have decided not to go here because they didn't want to spend the money...what is it?

A: A Wedding

Wedesday 4/22

Q: When it comes to fashion, 1-in-10 men have never done this!  What is it?

A: Wore a tuxedo

Tuesday 4/21

Q: This was voted as the #1 snack that people will take on road trips… What is it?

A: Beef Jerky!

Friday 4/17

Q: When women direct films, you'll see more of this, what is it?

A: Women

Thursday 4/16

Q: 42% of Americans think you should wait until the age of 25 to sign up for one of these. 

A: A credit card

Wednesday 4/15

Q: When people were asked to name their happiest dreams, almost a third of them involved this...what is it?

A: Flying

Tuesday 4/14

Q: Six percent of people who post on social media regret posting this the most…what is it?
A: Pictures of food

Monday 4/13

Q: Americans spend an average of 5.9 hours per week doing this at home, slightly under the worldwide average of 6.5 hours per week. What is it?

A: Cooking

Friday 4/10

Q: 70% of the time people can tell when you fake this...what is it?

A: Laughing

Thursday 4/9

Q: 80% of Americans have at least one of these but don’t fully appreciate them until the age of 25. 

A: sibling

Wednesday 4/8

Q: If a teenager is going to do this, it will cost them an average of about 320 dollars...what is it?

A: Go To the Prom

Tuesday 4/7

Q: It’s estimated that the average person living in North America opens this about 12 times daily.  What is it?

A: Their refrigerator

Monday 4/6

Q: 45% of these will go over budget...what are they?

A: Weddings

Friday 4/3

Q: 20 million trees are cut down every  year to  make these, what are they?

A: Chopsticks

Thursday 4/2

Q: According to Consumer Reports, 40% of the world’s almond supply is used in what product?

A: Candy Bars

Wednesday 4/1

Q: According to AAA, during rush hour, you will find about 1-in-5 drivers doing this… what is it?

A: Eating!

Tuesday 3/31

Q: Almost a third of teens today in America have never done this...what is it?

A: Ride a Bike 


Q: 18% of people voted this the most annoying sound...what is it?

A: Sniffling 


Q: About 38 million Americans use these every day, two-thirds of them are women. What are they? 

A: Contact lenses 

Wednesday 3/25

Q: People who nap for at least half an hour a day feel less tired and feel less of this. 

A: Pain

Tuesday 3/24

Q: 1 in 13 people do this when the go to the movies, what is it?

A: Stay and Watch the Credits

Monday 3/23

Q:  6% of American drivers do this while parking their cars while 88% of drivers in China do it. 

A: Back into a space

Friday 3/20

Q: Although this spring activity dates back thousands of years, the first mention of it in history dates back to 1857, what is it?

A: Spring Cleaning

Thursday 3/19

Q: Only 19% of office workers do this during lunch, what is it?

A: Go out for lunch

Wednesday 3/18

Q: This injury causes emergency room visits for about 1 million Americans a year.  What is it?

A: Dog bites!

Tuesday 3/17

Q: The first person called after a breakup, man or woman, is a close female friend, who is the second?

A: Mom

Monday 3/16

Q: 16% of people keep these around their house just for show...what are they?

A: Books

Friday 3/13

Q: 1 in 6 married men do this several times a year without telling their wife...what is it?

A: Gamble

Thursday 3/12

Q: 70% of parents today still believe in doing this while raising their children, what is it?

A: Spanking them

Wednesday 3/11

Q: According to a new study of high school and college students, the higher their use of smartphones is, the lower this is. 

A: Their grade point average

Tuesday 3/10

Q: According to a new study, this is the most addictive food. What is it?

A: Chocolate

Friday 3/6

Q: 1/3 of kids going to school this morning have this in their backpack, what is it?

A: Hand Sanitzer

Thursday 3/5

Q: The average man owns 11 of these, while the average lady only has 5… what is it?

A: Hats

Wednesday 3/4

Q: If they could change anything about their man, 1 in 5 women said it would be...what?

A: Their Hairstyle

Tuesday 3/3

Q: 16% of drivers on the road this morning are doing this. What is it?

A Eating breakfast

Monday 3/2

Q: Nearly 15% of people have skipped out on this because they were afraid. What is it? 

A: Dental Visit 

Friday 2/27

Q: The Average woman does this 19 times before getting married, what is it?

A: Kiss 19 Different Men

Thursday 2/26

Q: 59% of adults say they have trouble doing this, what is it?

A: Falling asleep

Wednesday 2/25

Q: A survey asked, 'What non-traditional thing do you usually have for breakfast?' Almost a third of people said this

A: Soda

Tuesday 2/24

Q: Only 19% of kids do this every day before school. 

A: Make their bed

Monday 2/23

Q: A little over 70% of adults admit they're guilty of doing this, even though they know they shouldn't...what is it?

A: Speeding 

Friday 2/20

Q: 86% of dog owners do this at least once a month…
A: Tell their dog “I love you”

Wednesday 2/18

Q: The Average price of one of these is $149- and one in six of us will pay it this year. What is it?

A: Speeding ticket

Tuesday 2/17

Q: 39% of people say this was their latest big money purchase. What is it?
A: Mattress

Monday 2/16

Q: The average guy will do this 6 times on a first date. What is it? 

A: Lie

Friday 2/13

Q: It takes the average person about 5 1/2 hours to do this...what is it?

A: Read a Book

Thursday 2/12

Q: 1 in every 50 kids born in America this year will go through life with out one of these...

A: Middle Name

Wednesday 2/11

Q: 47% of dog owners plan to do this this weekend. 

A: Buy a Valentine's gift for the Dog

Tuesday 2/10

Q: If they could go back in time and do it all over again, 1 in 6 adults say they would learn...what?

A: To Play an Instrument

Monday 2/9

Q: Almost one in five meals served in restaurants today in America have this in common.  What is it?

A: Served with french fries

Friday 2/6

Q: Almost 90 percent of Americans, when asked to describe themselves in one word, said they’re… what?

A: Shy!

Thursday 2/5

Q: The average adult will only wait one minute before giving up on this. What is it?

A: Waiting on hold on the phone

Tuesday 2/3

Q: 52% of American workers wish their employer had a better quality of this. What is it?

A: Coffee

Monday 2/2

Q: The Average one of these falls at 3mph, what is it?

A: Snowflake

Friday 1/30

Q: 184 million Americans plan to do this this weekend. 

A: Watch the Super Bowl

Thursday 1/29

Q: Women who check up on or look at this each morning have 21% less stress than women who do not. what is it?

A: Facebook

Tuesday 1/27

Q: The price of this went up 36% more this year, what is it?

A: Road Salt

Monday 1/26

Q: 74% of American employees say this is the worst thing about their job.  What is it?

A: Their boss

Friday 1/23

Q: 38% of people say they do this everyday at work. What is it?

A: Dress Casually

Thursday 1/22

Q: 95% of the people who are eligible to do this, don't.  What?
A:  Donate blood

Wednesday 1/21

Q: You will own 30 of these before you turn 40.  What are they?
A:  Sunglasses.

Tuesday 1/20

Q: The average cost of one of these this year is $4066.98, that’s a 21% increase from last year. 
A: Super Bowl ticket

Friday 1-16

Q: It's probably frowned upon, 5% of American doctors have admitted to doing this at some point in their career.  What is it?

A: Dated a patient


Thursday 1-15

Q: 23% of us say we have faked doing this...what is it?

A: Being on the Phone


Wedneday 1-14

Q: 60% of employees think their boss should not let their co-workers take breaks to do this, what is it?

A: Smoke


Tuesday 1-13

Q: 55% of people who own one of these, say it relaxes them after a hard day at work.  What is it?

A: A dog


Monday 1-12

Q: Couples will do this for a total of four hours over the month of January, more than any other month of the year. 
A: Argue


Friday 1-9

Q: 62% of people say they feel good about themselves when this happens on social media. 

A: When someone “Likes” their post

Thursday 1-8

Q: 25% of married people say if they won the lottery big, they would do this. What is it?

A: Get a divorce

Wednesday 1-7

Q: While this is a popular food item in America, Sweden actually consumes more of it than any other country, What is it?

A: Ketchup


Tuesday 1-6

Q: More than a third of all adults do this at least 3 times every morning… especially if you’re aged 25 to 34… What is it?

A: Hit the snooze button!

Monday 1-5

Q: Over half of people who have this on their car do not use it, what is it?

A: Sunroof

Friday 1-2

Q: 8% of people say they were able to keep these this last year. what are they?

A: New Years Resolutions

Wednesday 12-31

Q: 13% of people say they are always the first ones to do this at a party and the vast majority of them are women, what is it?

A: Dance


Tuesday 12-30

Q: A majority of people said they would switch to a new cellphone if it had this feature.  What is it?  

A: Longer battery life

Monday 12-29

Q: 40% of Americans have a secret one of these. What is it?

A: An email account


Tuesday 12-23

Q: It is estimated that the average employee only spends about 45% of their workday doing this? 
A: Working


Monday 12-22

Q: This year 13% of employees will get this from their company at Christmas...

A: Gift Card


Friday 12-19

Q: This is the number one thing Americans say is their favorite thing about  the holiday season, what is it?

A:Christmas music


Thursday 12-18

Q: This will happen 150,000 times on Christmas morning. What is it?

A: proposal 


Wednesday 12-17

Q: The average family sends out 26 of these every year. 

A: Christmas cards


Tuesday 12-16

Q: These happen more than 18,000 times per year in Las Vegas.  What are they?
A:  Conventions


Monday 12-15

Q: Instead of a company Christmas party, 76% of American workers would rather have this around the holidays. 

A: A cash bonus

Friday 12-12

Q:  More than 10% of the American workforce has been warned to stop doing this at work…. What is it?

A:  Shopping online

Thursday 12-11

Q:There are around 38,000 towns in the U.S. that don't have one of these. What is it?

A: A stop light!


Wednesday 12-10

Q: 59% of women will do this before the holidays. What is it?
A: Go on a diet

Tuesday 12-9

Q: Almost a quarter of men refer to their wife by this name when talking to other guys.  What is it?
A:  The Boss

Monday 12-8

Q: 95% of Americans do this every night at their house before going to bed. 

A: Lock the doors


Friday 12-5

Q: 1-in-6 people are afraid to ride on one of these.  What is it?

A: Elevators


Thursday 12-4

Q: About half of the population believes this is their most attractive feature. What is it?

A: Their hair!


Tuesday 12-2

Q: 25% of Americans say they have one in their bedroom.  What is it?
A:  A stuffed animal
Monday 12-1

Q: 24% of cell phone owners say this is the place they use their cell phone the most… Where is it?

A: The bathroom


Wednesday 11-26

Q: 13% of people say this is what they look forward to the most at Thanksgiving...

A: Leftovers


Tuesday 11-25

Q: 33% of workers will do this on a Friday, what is it?

A: Leave Early


Monday 11-24

Q: According to a new survey, 43% of Americans will be doing this for thankgiving...what is it?
A: Traveling somewhere


Friday 11-21
Q: What do you do too much? 8% of people said it was this, what is it?

A: Curse


Thursday 11-20

Q: 28% of men do this at least once a year without telling their wife. What is it?
A: Gamble

Wednesday 11-19

Q: 2% of people claim to do this household chore everyday... What is it?

A: Change their Sheets


Tuesday 11-18

Q: 1/3 of adults say they'd do it at work, if it was allowed.  What is it?
A:  Take a nap

Monday 11-17

Q: According to a new survey, the more of these a woman has at home, the more productive she is at work. 

A: Kids


Friday 11-14

Q: 4 out of 5 pet owners have done this with their pet...What is it?

A: Taken a selfie

Thursday 11-13

Q: According to a new survey, 76% of married people say they would do this if they ever won the lottery. 

A: Stay married

Wednesday 11-12

Q: Almost 1/4 of fatal car accidents are caused by this.  What is it?

A:  Falling asleep at the wheel
Tuesday 11-11

Q: Two thirds of women under the age of 35 will do this between now and Christmas...what is it?

A: Diet


Monday 11-10

Q:  42% of Americans, or 95 million people, identify themselves as fans of this.

A: Country Music