Thursday September 19

A new study says that the #1 thing you can do to save the planet is this.  What is it?

A:  Not have kids

Wednesday September 17

Nationally, on average,  68% of households have this. Vermont is the state with the highest at 70%, and Massachusetts  is the lowest at 50%.  So what is it?

A: a pet


Tuesday September 17

Men are 70% more likely than women to die doing this activity, what is it?

A:  taking a selfie

Monday September 16

When asked to name the person they felt most guilty lying to, 2% of people said their best friend. Another 2% said this person, who is it?

A: Their dentist  

Friday September 13

1 in 5 women will do this when they stay at a hotel but only 1 in 15 men will. What is it?

A: Make the bed

Thursday September 12

Depending on the color, the value of your house can go up by up to $6200 if you paint this, what is it?

A:  Front Door

Wednesday September 11

According to a survey a third of people believe their best ideas come while here, where is it?

A:  Bed

Tuesday September 10

90% of employees do this at least once a week, what is it?

A:  Go out for lunch

Monday September 9

Most household accidents are caused by chain saws, microwaves, and this, what is it?

A:  Area Rugs

Friday September 6

When checking out of a hotel, 9% of us admit to leaving this behind in the room, what is it?

A:  one shoe

Thursday September 5

75% of women age 50-65 do this, but when it comes to men in the same age group,  only 11% do it?  What is it?

A:  Color their hair

Wednesday September 4

The average cost of this in Massachusetts is  $217, in Rhode Island it’s $164, and it’s cheapest in SD at $38.  What is it?

A:  The cost of a date

Monday September 3

45% of couples say that they have argued about this in the car, what is it?

A:  Where to park

Friday August 30

Fall has arrived, and with its arrival, 23% of people say they are most excited about this, what is it?

A:  ‘going apple picking’!

Thursday August 29

86% of dog owners do this at least once a month, what is it?

A: Tell their dog “I love you”

Wednesday August 28

Most people always have this in their kitchen, and even though it’s supposed to be replaced every 2 months,  they keep it for over a year, what is it?

A:  Mayonnaise

Tuesday August 27

The  average person has 26 of these, but we only use 5 of them, what are they?

A: Smartphone Apps

Monday August 26

According to a survey, if we’re being honest, 81% of us admit we’ve done this about 3 times each year. What is it?

A: Faked someone else’s signature

Thursday August 15

Those who have one, only use it on average about 8 times per month. What is it?

A: A landline phone

Wednesday August 14

13% of big brothers teach this to their younger brothers, what is it?

A: How to ride a bike

Tuesday August 13

Almost 90% of women say it’s unacceptable if this is broken, however when it comes to men, it only bothers 60% of them. What is it?

A: Broken cell phone screen!

Monday August 12

21% of Mom’s say if they were given an extra hour everyday, they would do this. What is it?

A: Read!

Friday August 9

9% of people who were scared of these as kids, are still afraid of them as adults. What is it?

A: Balloons!

Thursday August 8

The average woman does this 5 times a year, but 6% of women didn’t do this at all last year, what is it?

A: get a haircut

Wednesday August 7

About 40% of married women can’t remember this, what is it?

A:  their first date!

Tuesday August 6

Doing this brings your stress level down by 96% almost instantly, what is it?

A:  singing with others

Monday August 5

Men will spend 43 minutes a day doing this, women spend 20 minutes doing this, what is it ?

A:  looking at the opposite sex

Friday August 2

14% of men say that when online dating they’ll automatically skip over women with photos of this?

A: A cat!

Thursday August 1

A third of us have done this at work, what is it?

A:  dated a coworker

Wednesday July 31

57% of parent’s say this time of year is the most stressful time of year,  what time of year is it?

A: back to school time

Tuesday July 30

The average American will spend ten percent of their annual  income on this, what is it?

A: Vacation

Monday July 29

During a one week vacation, we spend an average of 4.5 hours doing this, what is it?

A: Napping

Friday July 26:

Q: Just over half of Americans wish their employer had a higher quality of this, what is it?

A: Coffee

Thursday July 25:

Q: Just about 15% of us can pull of this little party trick, what is it ?

A: Tie a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue!

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