Seven Spookiest Places in Massachusetts

Seven Spookiest Places in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an historically spooky region of the states. Maybe even the scariest of the states! With Halloween and the haunting season upon us, we gave a little thought to some of the best places to evoke the spirits of the season.

7. Lizzie Borden House– Lizzie Borden had an axe…gave her father forty wacks… know the song. If you grew up on planet Earth, you know that she’s the woman who….maybe got away with murder? Although acquitted, the fact remains two bodies were found hacked to death in 1892 at 230 Second Street in Fall River, MA. Our resident spirit medium, Tiffany Rice, is known for hosting events every October; conjuring the spirits of Abby and Andrew and any other ghosts looking to connect.

6. Joshua Ward House-Salem, MA- Mention Salem Massachusetts and a vision of witches being burned at the stake are instantly brought to the mind.  Salem is a notoriously haunted town and there are many places where paranormal activities have occured…but the Joshua Ward house has consistently maintained a history of the unexplained.  Built in the 1780’s, this home was erected upon land on which witch activity transpired. The land was owned by George Corwin, sheriff at the time of Salem witch trials and Mr. Corwin is known to have been a truly sadistic torturer of those accused of witchcraft. Corwin was so hated that upon his death, his family decided to bury him in the cellar of his property to hide the body and keep him from being further mutilated as a corpse by haters. Visitors have reported eerie presences among the sensation of being “choked” when in the Ward House.

5. Spooner House, Plymouth– It’s no surprise that America’s Hometown which is steeped in history has a few tales to tell….More than a few. From the Ghost Tours which take you from historic sites to ancient burial grounds, the Spooner House remains atop the list.  Why? Perhaps because an 8 year old girl’s ghost enjoys paying visit to those who’ve set foot on the property. Her name is Abigail Townsend and in the time before penicillin, Abigail died of a tooth infection. Well…..her mortal body did.  Her spirit has been seen over the years. Music has been heard coming from the empty house. And Abigail, from time to time is seen peering through the window.

4. Omni Parker Hotel, Boston Over 160 years old,  the Omni Parker is said to be haunted by the ghost of Harvey Parker.  Sightings of his likeness and apparitions of him have been reported. In his lifetime, Harvey was known as the owner who never left the hotel, checking in on the day to day operations of the hotel and restaurant. It’s believed that his commitment to his work was beyond this world. Other unexplained happenings include noise complaints from empty rooms and the elevator stopping at the third floor habitually without anyone pressing the button.

3. Rutland Prison Camp, Rutland MA- An abandoned prison camp left to languish in the woods, it is an amazing site of decomposition. It was built in 1903 to house minor offenders and in 1907 a tuberculosis sanitarium ward was built in the complex. It was eventually abandoned in 1934 due to having been built on a water supply drainage site. The solitary confinement cell is still standing. When you mix prison and sanitarium, it’s a sure recipe for tortured souls that are left to linger in the ether.

2. The Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams, MA- Also known as the Bloody Pit, this tunnel took 24 years to complete and 200 men lost their lives building this almost 5 mile tunnel. The Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” has featured the Hoosac Tunnel and it’s ghostly sightings….from the headless miner to voices and sensations of being pulled and tugged by supernatural forces.  The Travel Channel is a great source this time of year for supernatural shows and excursions. Check out Ghost Nation airing 10/11/19 featuring Steve Gonsalves.

1. Taunton State Hospital- Is there anything creepier than an Asylum? Well this place is known as America’s Most Haunted Asylum. How’s that for a reputation in creepiness? It was originally called the “State Lunatic Hospital.” So not PC or woke by today’s standard. Eventually closed in 1975, this place was home to some of the most psychotic killers. For example, Jane Toppan a Cambridge Nurse accused and convicted of experimenting on and killing 31 patients, spent her final years at the State Lunatic Hospital. Lizzie Borden (see #7) also resided there for a short stint. But how is it haunted you ask? Well, in 1920 it’s rumored that doctors and nurses took patients down to the basement….only the patients never returned. Sightings and extreme feelings of paranoia were claimed by any who dared to venture down to the basement, often returning, overcome and fraught with feelings of fright. The hospital no longer exists but perhaps the fixtures from the hospital which were sold off have acted as talismans……carrying the ghosts and spirits into new locations across the country with them?

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