The Shine Show Star Spangled Scavenger Spectacular

The Shine Show Star Spangled Scavenger Spectacular

Lying around the house after the 4th you might have…

2 Hot Dog Buns

2 Popsicle Sticks

1 Used Paper Plate

1 Container of half eaten potato salad, or other mayonnaise based salad

3 Empty Domestic Beer Bottles

1 Piece of Watermelon Rind

1 Shuttlecock or Birdie from a badminton game

1 Red Solo Cup

1 Item with an American flag on it


This July 5th Chris and Megan from the Shine show are helping you
clean up from the 4th of July! Kind of. They’re continuing the party
into the day after and bringing you The Shine Show Star Spangled
Scavenger Spectacular! From 6 – 9 July 5th we’re airing a special
edition of Casey Kasem’s Classic American Top 40. Three times each
hour between 6 and 9 that morning Chris and Megan will give you
something on the scavenger hunt list . They’re all item you’d have
around the day AFTER the Fourth of July! At the end, you’ll have 12
items in total and when you do, text in a photo of all your items and
then on Monday morning at 8:30 we’ll pull one of the winning photos
and give the lucky scavenger a $75 gift card to the East Bay Grill!!

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