Wedding Drama

Wedding Drama

As the hype and the drama unfold this week with the Royal Wedding, I also will celebrate.  This week is my wedding anniversary.  It seems most weddings come with some drama, and ours almost escaped it.  That was until moments before the ceremony, and it was all on me…I forgot the rings!!!!!  My future wife called me as I arrived at the chapel reminding me to bring the rings, and no, I didn’t have them with me.  A frantic trip from the chapel back to my room to grab the rings then ensued.  Luckily I found them quickly in the safe, and made it back just in time for the ceremony, crisis averted.  And yes, I did come clean to my wife that I did indeed forget them in the room before leaving.  Thankfully, it was the only drama of our day, and 12 years later, we’re still going strong!


Kevin Cronin


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